InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd has earned a reputation for service, reliability and excellence in construction since it was founded in 2009.

In 2015 Dry Mix Solutions SA, a subsidiary Company of InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd was founded to support InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd through product development to help reach project goals and standards.

A highly skilled team was put together that developed, tested, and manufactured the products that enabled Dry Mix Solutions SA today to be on the forefront of this unique product range and gives InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd the edge over its competitors within this market segment.


InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd D was founded as a joint venture company between JAD Construction Trust, established 2001, and InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd, established 2007, that gave birth to Dry Mix Solutions SA in February 2015

The logic of the joint venture lies in not only the accumulated strength of their in-house skills and experience of the three companies, but also the access to manufacturing plants, factory, laboratory facilities, vehicles, equipment and personnel of the joint venture companies.

Obvious benefits of trade references, sureties and approved credit with suppliers are further motivation for such a joint venture structure.

Project specific logistics such as plant, machinery and vehicles are covered under the individual company logistics.

The specific purpose was to form a pool of resources, skills and experience via the three entities enabling a streamlined vehicle for effective delivery relating to construction projects.

The two companies have now amalgamated and are known as InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd, with Dry Mix Solutions SA a subsidiary company to InnoBrite Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Our Vision

The vision of Dry mix Solution SA is to become a reliable, professional services and trustworthy product supplier and product development company that not only give support to construction companies and projects but to open up the market of unique product supply to the general trading business and public in South Africa.

Our Values

Dry Mix Solutions SA believes that building strong relationships with each other, clients and business partners is the key to success.

Our core values are at the centre of relationships.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Work Ethic
  • Respect
  • Accountability

Our Mission

As a South African unique product development company, Dry Mix Solutions SA strives to provide accurate, honest and thorough unique product development products and services to our customers from project inception to completion.

Our expertise and commitment to each customer and client is what has driven our growth and we will continue to do so as our company strives to continue to be a successful South African unique product and product development market leader company.